Selling wet fish, seasonal produce, wine, books and cooking paraphernalia. Serving fish from the counter as small plates oysters, langoustines, lobster, crab and much more.

The idea behind our fish shop was to develop a chef-led fishmongers to showcase, in an educational way, what the North Sea has to offer.

With an open kitchen behind our fish counter, we will be showcasing various cooking techniques of different seafoods served up as tasting plates, talking you through them as we cook. 

We will be preparing various seasonal accompaniments to the fish that diners at the Fish Shack may already know such as the sauces and salads we serve alongside some new recipes of rubs, marinades, broths, and stocks to accompany the fish in our counter.

An extensive wine list will be available to drink on the premises from our ever changing ‘by the glass’ wine list or bottles to take home as an off license.

If you’re after a bottle come and chat to Richard or Pete about our current wine selection.